T H E  P A R A M U S  R E S C U E  S Q U A D  N E E D S  Y O U !


If you are over 18, in good physical health, and interested in serving your community, then we would like to speak to you. If you are between the ages of 16 and 18, you may be eligible for our Junior Program.

Please call 265-2100 ext 699 or e-mail us for more information. You are also welcome to come to the Rescue Building (located on Carlough Drive, across from the Police Dept.) on any Monday evening between 7:30 and 9:00 PM to find out more.

The Paramus Rescue Squad is comprised of dedicated individuals that assist the residents and businesses of Paramus. As a member you will learn a tremendous amount of lifesaving techniques.  All associated training costs will be paid by the Rescue Squad.

Hi. My name is John Pecoraro, and I am the Chief of the Paramus Rescue Squad. I wanted to give you some information about joining the Paramus Rescue Squad.

Any resident of 1 year or non resident who is employed full time within the Borough of Paramus can apply for members. Out of town applicants must submit a letter from their employer allowing the person to leave work to respond to calls. Upon leaving employment and not meeting other residency requirements they must resign from the Paramus Rescue Squad

The requirements are that a prospective applicant come down 4 Monday night to see the operation of the Paramus Rescue Squad, familiarize themselves with our equipment and primary functions, and at the end of that time period the applicant would be issued an application to complete and return.

The application is then submitted to the Borough to be processed. The first step is to perform a background check thru the Paramus Police Department. Following their approval, the applicant is scheduled for a physical and mandatory drug test thru the Human Resource Department. After successful completion of this phase of the application process, the persons name is put on the next Mayor and Council public agenda for approval.  The member is then installed as a probationary member for a minimum of 1 year.


Our primary function is Extrication (removal of entrapped persons out of automobiles during motor vehicle accidents), Fire Alarms, Structure Fires, Pump out flooded basements, board up windows, alarm disconnects, Hazardous Materials calls, Specialized Rescue, Emergency Lighting, along with some unique situations.

Members are required to maintain a 40% attendance, which is comprised of calls, training, and extra credit.

We meet every Monday night, the first Monday night of the month is our business meeting, the balance of the Monday nights are dedicated to training or maintenance of equipment.

I would encourage you to come down to our building, located on Carlough Drive across from the Paramus Police Department and speak to Captain Jonathan Massari, who is in charge of all membership.

I can be reached via email at jpecoraro@paramuses.org or by telephone at (201) 262-3400 extension 699












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