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1996 Saulsbury / Simon Duplex Custom Rescue
(8 man cab)

One of our two First Line Response trucks, it is fully equipped for motor vehicle accidents and fire support operations. 

A PTO driven 15 Kw . generator provides electric power. Lighting includes a 22 ft, 6000 watt light tower. The truck contains redundant Hurst operations capable of working on either side of the truck.


Rescue equipment includes Hurst Model 32, (2) Paladin combo-tools, O-Cutter, TNT Cutter, and various Rams. As a reserve a gas-powered pump backs up the system.  Cascade Operations include (6) 5000 lb. Supply bottles with a Sierra Air Booster, giving us the ability to completely fill over 60, 30-minute bottles. This truck also contains MSA SCBA’s, rescue saws, ventilation equipment, and a Physio-Control Lifepac Defibrillator.

1991 Saulsbury / Simon Duplex Custom Rescue
(10 man cab)

Our 2nd due truck, it is equipped the same as above. Electrical power is supplied by an on-board Onan 3-phase, 20 Kw generator. Also intended for HAZMAT Support, the truck contains all equipment necessary for a DECON

operation. including a Hale 250 gpm pump with a 225 gallon tank.
operation. including a Hale 250 gpm pump with a 225 gallon tank.
1998 GMC 3500 Dual Wheel Emergency Response Truck

Designated as a Light Duty Rescue, this vehicle is equipped to tow and support the squad’s various trailers.  Also equipped with limited Hurst and Rescue equipment and Defibrillator, it is intended as a primary response vehicle to
limited access structure such as parking garages, FAST Team responses, and as a back-up to any of our first line trucks. This truck was built in-house by our members and was purchased through the generous donations of our residents

2004 Ford Excursion Custom 1st Response Vehicle

Built by Rescue Members, this truck now serves as our utility truck, used to move our non-motorized equipment.









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